Mercedes-Benz Diesel Fuel Tank Strainer Cleaning/Replacement Instructions How To

Mercedes-Benz Diesel Fuel Tank Strainer Cleaning/Replacement Instructions How To

Mercedes-Benz Diesel Fuel Tank Strainer Replacement Instructions

W116, W123, W124, W126, W201

The Mercedes-Benz Diesel is equipped with 3 fuel filters. The engine bay has a spin on style filter and a small fuel pre-filter. The bottom of the fuel tank has a fuel tank strainer. The fuel tank strainer is responsible for catching large particles found in the fuel system. When the fuel filters or tank strainer become clogged you will notice loss of power, rough idle and hard starting.

  • The fuel filters should be replaced every 20-30K miles or 2-3 years. 
  • The fuel tank strainer should be cleaned or replaced every 90K miles or when necessary

Tools and Parts:

  • 46MM or 1 and 13/16 Low Profile Socket(Custom Built)
  • Vice grips 
  • Fuel tank strainer or O-Ring(Clean/Replace)
  • Fuel outlet hose(Inspect/Replace)
  • Fuel storage container w/ Long Funnel
  • Brake Cleaner


  1. Drive the car till the tank is almost empty. It will make draining it much easier
  2. Use vice grips to clamp the fuel outlet hose coming from the engine to avoid fuel spilling
  3. Remove the fuel outlet hose & drain the fuel tank. A long funnel is helpful
  4. Inspect the fuel outlet hose for cracking. Replace if necessary 
  5. Use a modified socket to remove the fuel tank strainer
  6. Inspect and clean the strainer with brake cleaner or install a new one
  7. Reinstall the strainer with a new rubber o-ring
  8. A very dirty strainer is often the sign of Algae in the fuel tank that can be removed by running Biocide in the tank


All the parts and tools you will need are available at the link below. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I can also supply you with brake cleaner, vice grips, individual o-rings, fuel storage container, funnel and much more.Thanks for reading! 

Call or Text (661)666-1266



This kit and instructions fits the Following Models:

Mercedes-Benz 190D 2.2 Sedan 2.2L L4 — Chassis 201.122
1984Mercedes-Benz190D2.2Sedan2.2L L4
1985Mercedes-Benz190D2.2Sedan2.2L L4
Mercedes-Benz 190D 2.5 Sedan 2.5L L5 — Chassis 201.126
1986Mercedes-Benz190D2.5Sedan2.5L L5
1987Mercedes-Benz190D2.5Sedan2.5L L5
1988Mercedes-Benz190D2.5Sedan2.5L L5
1989Mercedes-Benz190D2.5Sedan2.5L L5
Mercedes-Benz 190D 2.5 Turbo Sedan 2.5L L5 — Chassis 201.128
1987Mercedes-Benz190D2.5 TurboSedan2.5L L5
Mercedes-Benz 240D Base Sedan 2.4L L4 — Chassis 123.123
1977Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1978Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1979Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1980Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1981Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1982Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1983Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
Mercedes-Benz 300CD Base Coupe 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.150
1978Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1979Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1980Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1981Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300CD Base Coupe 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.153
1982Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1983Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1984Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1985Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300D 2.5 Sedan 2.5L L5 — Chassis 124.128
1990Mercedes-Benz300D2.5Sedan2.5L L5
1991Mercedes-Benz300D2.5Sedan2.5L L5
1992Mercedes-Benz300D2.5Sedan2.5L L5
1993Mercedes-Benz300D2.5Sedan2.5L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300D Base Sedan 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.130
1977Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1978Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1979Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1980Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1981Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300D Base Sedan 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.133
1982Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1983Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1984Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1985Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300D Base Sedan 3.0L L6 — Chassis 124.133
1987Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L6
Mercedes-Benz 300SD Base Sedan 3.0L L5 — Chassis 116.120
1978Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1979Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1980Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300SD Base Sedan 3.0L L5 — Chassis 126.120
1981Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1982Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1983Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1984Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1985Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300SDL Base Sedan 3.0L L6 — Chassis 126.125
1986Mercedes-Benz300SDLBaseSedan3.0L L6
1987Mercedes-Benz300SDLBaseSedan3.0L L6
Mercedes-Benz 350SD Base Sedan 3.4L L6 — Chassis 126.134
1991Mercedes-Benz350SDBaseSedan3.4L L6
Mercedes-Benz 350SDL Base Sedan 3.4L L6 — Chassis 126.135
1990Mercedes-Benz350SDLBaseSedan3.4L L6
1991Mercedes-Benz350SDLBaseSedan3.4L L6
Mercedes-Benz E300 Diesel Sedan 3.0L L6 — Chassis 124.131
1995Mercedes-BenzE300DieselSedan3.0L L6
Mercedes-Benz E300 Diesel Sedan 3.0L L6 — Chassis 210.020
1996Mercedes-BenzE300DieselSedan3.0L L6
1997Mercedes-BenzE300DieselSedan3.0L L6
Mercedes-Benz E300 Turbodiesel Sedan 3.0L L6 — Chassis 210.025
1998Mercedes-BenzE300TurbodieselSedan3.0L L6
1999Mercedes-BenzE300TurbodieselSedan3.0L L6


 Fuel Tank Strainer # 


Fuel Tank Strainer O-Ring # 


Fuel Tank Outlet Hose # 


Spin-On Filter # 


Pre Filter # 




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