Upgrading & Increasing the Capacity of the Cooling System - Mercedes W123 240D OM616

Upgrading & Increasing the Capacity of the Cooling System - Mercedes W123 240D OM616




The cooling system on the Mercedes-Benz 240D cars was designed quite well and works great. However not in all climates, going up steep hills, when loaded down or driving aggressively for long periods of time. I have put together a kit that will help decrease coolant temperatures when driving extremely hard, operating in extreme temperatures or hauling passengers, luggage and a trailer.

This 240D radiator upgrade kit increases the coolant capacity from 9.6L to 11.0L or a 14% increase. This will help decrease temperatures and allow the cooling system to last longer, perform better and increase the life of the entire engine. This kit is the same setup used in the OM617 Turbo 5CYL Engines and includes everything you need to upgrade the cooling system. Welding is required for the brackets for the Overflow Tank which mounts on the passenger side fender well. There will be an option for bolt in coming soon. Please contact me if bolt in is something you require. 



  • Includes 1 OEM Equivalent Radiator 
  • Radiator Mount Kit (4) Spring Brackets, and (2) Rubber Pads
  • Expansion Tank w/ Overflow Hose & Cap 
  • Overflow Tank Mounting Brackets(Welding Required on fender well)
  • Coolant Breather Pipe(Expansion to Radiator) w/ 2 Clamps
  • 2 Gallons G05 Coolant/Antifreeze
  • Small Jar of Citrus Cleaner(Use Before Installing New Radiator)
  • Upper and Lower Radiator Hose(OEM)
  • 4 High Quality Constant Torque Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Thermostat Housing Bypass Hose(Includes 2 clamps, 1 OE gasket)
  • Thermostat w/ O-Ring(OEM)
  • Increased capacity from 9.6L to 11.0L or 14%

Follow the link below to purchase a Mercedes-Benz 240D Radiator Upgrade Kit w/ Expansion Tank OM616:



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