How To: Removing the steering wheel from a Vintage Mercedes

1. Start by pointing the wheels straight.

2. Disconnect the battery.

3. Pry out the center plastic Mercedes emblem with a small flat blade screwdriver or plastic prying tool. Older models will require the horn pad to be removed. 

3. Some earlier model cars have a 27mm nut instead of a 10mm hex countersunk bolt/screw.

4. Using an impact gun is always the easiest but you can also use a breaker bar or larger 1/2 socket wrench to loosen the nut/bolt. Its helps to have a friend but you can also hold the wheel with one hand while using the wrench in the other. 

5. Mark the steering wheel before removal if you are installing on the same car. 

6. Install with blue loctite and Torque to Spec.


  • Hex nut M14X1.5 Tighten to 50nm
  • M18X1.5 Tighten to 80nm
  • Countersunk bolt/screw tighten to 80nm

1980 to 1993 Mercedes-Benz 240D, 300D, 300CD, 300TD, 300SDL, 300SE, 420SEL, 560SEL, 380SL, 560SL, 190E, 190D, 300E. Mercedes-Benz W123, W126, W201, W124

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