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Chemical Guys Torq Foam Blaster 6 Wash Guns

Turn every car wash into a fun foam party with Chemical Guys foam wash guns! Improper car washing pushes dirt around and scratches paint. Slick car wash soap and foaming bubbles help loosen, lubricate, and float abrasive dirt away from paintwork for gentler and safer cleaning. Foam wash guns mix car wash soap with air and running water to create foamy car wash suds to break down stuck-on dirt, grease, and grime. Continue on with a normal 2-bucket car wash and microfiber wash mitt. For extra-sensitive paint finishes, spray foam directly into the wash mitt with every wipe to add extra lubrication. Spray down paintwork, wheels, undercarriages, exhaust systems, and even engine bays with soapy cleaning suds at the start of every car wash with a Chemical Guys foam wash gun.

Why buy this product?

* No pressure washer required
* Works with any standard garden hose
* Solid corrosion-resistant construction
* Quick-release fitting turns normal nozzle into foam gun
* Quality plastics resist cracking and fading from exposure
* Works with any premium Chemical Guys car wash soap
* Removes the thickest dirt and mud from any vehicle

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