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Toyota Land Cruiser 3FE Desmog/EGR Delete Instructions

1988-1992 Toyota Land Cruisers with 3FE I6 4.0L Engine

The 3FE engine was designed with an EGR and SMOG pump. This was designed to reduce emissions on the vehicle. When offroading there is no need for either. You will free up a slight amount of HP and the smog pump and all needed accessories take up room under the hood. Helps your engine operate closer to peak performance and gets better MPG. 

• 7 1/8” vacuum plugs.

• 1 rubber bypass caps

• Belt

• Toyota EGR intake manifold gasket

• (4) ¼ NPT plugs

• High temp thread sealer

• Catalytic converter straight pipe

• EGR block-off plate

• Lower Exhaust Manifold Plug



  1. Remove catalytic converters.
  2. Remove the air injection system 
  3. Remove the 2 hoses connected to the air pump 
  4. Cap the fitting on the air filter housing
  5. Remove the silencer mounted just forward of the fender and cap it.
  6. Remove the air pump
  7. Replace belt and adjust the idler pulley if needed
  8. Remove the VSV and air injection manifold. Cap the lines. 
  9. Remove air injectors. It helps to pull the valve cover. 
  10. Install all 4 NPT plugs with thread sealer 
  11. Disconnect vacuum solenoid on fender and cap the lines
  12. Disconnect the vacuum hoses leading to the EGR and cap the lines that go to the intake manifold and thermostat housing.
  13. Unbolt the EGR tube and assembly
  14. Attatch the gasket and the EGR block off plate
  15. Remove the EGR union from the exhaust manifold
  16. Install the lower exhaust plug

You can find my kit available for sale here: https://lermscustoms.com/products/egr-smog-pump-delete-kit-toyota-landcruiser-tacoma-4-runner-t100-fj80-fj62-3fe?_pos=2&_sid=a36dcb2fb&_ss=r


Search 3FE or Landcruiser to find more parts available. There will be a a new site opening up just for FJ80, 80 Series Land Cruisers. I will be selling custom parts, exhaust, suspension, interior, as well as used and refurbished parts. I expect to have it open by 2021. Feel free to message us for parts inquiries. Thanks 

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