Mercedes Benz Diesel Valve Adjustment Wrenches
Mercedes Benz Valve Adjustment Spring Holding Tool
mercedes w123 valve adjustment wrench

Mercedes-Benz Valve Adjustment Wrench Kits - OM615, OM616, OM617

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Mercedes-Benz recommends the valve adjustment to be done every 12,000 miles. Many old Mercedes have not had valve adjustments and are badly due for one. The job is very easy and with proper tools can be done by any beginner. Adjusting the valves will bring back your peak performance and fuel economy. 
  • Pair (2) Bent 14mm wrenches(Craftsman)
  • Valve Spring Holding Tool
  • Valve Cover Gasket(Elring)
  • Feeler gauge(Crafstman)
  • Designed for Valve Adjustment on the Mercedes OM 615 616 and 617. Work excellent and save you time. 

FITS: 1961-1985 Mercedes Benz 190D, 200D, 220D, 240D, 300D, 300CD, 300TD, 300D, 300SD, OM615, OM616, OM617,  W110, W115, W116, W123 and W126

Valve Adjustment Instructions:



Associated Part Numbers: 4026634098721, 615 016 00 80, 615-016-00-80, 615-016-00-80-M17, 615.016.00.80, 6150160080, 71 23043 00, 71-23043-00, 71.23043.00, 712304300

Mercedes-Benz 190D Base Sedan 1.8L L4 — Chassis 121
1960Mercedes-Benz190DBaseSedan1.8L L4
1961Mercedes-Benz190DBaseSedan1.8L L4
Mercedes-Benz 190D Base Sedan 2.0L L4 — Chassis 110.110
1963Mercedes-Benz190DBaseSedan2.0L L4
1964Mercedes-Benz190DBaseSedan2.0L L4
1965Mercedes-Benz190DBaseSedan2.0L L4
Mercedes-Benz 200D Base Sedan 2.0L L4 — Chassis 110.110
1966Mercedes-Benz200DBaseSedan2.0L L4
1967Mercedes-Benz200DBaseSedan2.0L L4
1968Mercedes-Benz200DBaseSedan2.0L L4
Mercedes-Benz 220D Base Sedan 2.2L L4 — Chassis 115.110
1968Mercedes-Benz220DBaseSedan2.2L L4
1969Mercedes-Benz220DBaseSedan2.2L L4
1970Mercedes-Benz220DBaseSedan2.2L L4
1971Mercedes-Benz220DBaseSedan2.2L L4
1972Mercedes-Benz220DBaseSedan2.2L L4
1973Mercedes-Benz220DBaseSedan2.2L L4
Mercedes-Benz 240D Base Sedan 2.4L L4 — Chassis 115.117
1974Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1975Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1976Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
Mercedes-Benz 240D Base Sedan 2.4L L4 — Chassis 123.123
1977Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1978Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1979Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1980Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1981Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1982Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1983Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4

Associated Part Numbers: 4026634098769, 617 016 01 80, 617-016-01-80, 617-016-01-80-M17, 617.016.01.80, 6170160180, 71 23796 00, 71-23796-00, 71.23796.00, 712379600


Mercedes-Benz 300CD Base Coupe 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.150
1978Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1979Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1980Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1981Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300CD Base Coupe 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.153
1982Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1983Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1984Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
1985Mercedes-Benz300CDBaseCoupe3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300D Base Sedan 3.0L L5 — Chassis 115.114
1975Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1976Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300D Base Sedan 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.130
1977Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1978Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1979Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1980Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1981Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300D Base Sedan 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.133
1982Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1983Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1984Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
1985Mercedes-Benz300DBaseSedan3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300SD Base Sedan 3.0L L5 — Chassis 116.120
1978Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1979Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1980Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300SD Base Sedan 3.0L L5 — Chassis 126.120
1981Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1982Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1983Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1984Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1985Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300TD Base Wagon 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.190
1979Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1980Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300TD Base Wagon 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.193
1981Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1982Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1983Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1984Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1985Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
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