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Hyloft Folding Tire Loft

Hyloft Folding Tire Loft

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Width (in.):
48.000 in.
Height (in.):
24.500 in.
Rack Material:
Rack Finish:
300 lbs.
Hardware Included:
Sold as a kit.
Hyloft Folding Tire Loft

Get those tires up off the garage floor with Folding Tire Loft storage racks from Hyloft. These multi-tire storage racks utilize unused wall space and free up much-needed floor space in your garage or shop. Engineered to be safe and secure, folding Tire Lofts feature sturdy steel and a durable, scratch-resistant finish. With their 300 lb. load capacity, you can put your snow tires, ATV tires, or race tires to bed for the season, plus they provide easy installation and adjustment (width) to accommodate various tire sizes. Organize your storage areas and create more working space with Hyloft Folding Tire Loft storage racks!


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