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Longacre Racing Products Computer Scale Set

Longacre Racing Products Computer Scale Set

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Option 1 Android Tablet
Use Longacre computer scales XLI single-load cell scales for more accurate, quick and easy setups. Everything you need is included. They come ready-to-use right out of the box, providing a convenient, clutter-free, secure wireless connection from pads directly to the tablet. No extra boxes are required, like some wireless systems by the competition brand.

Additional product features and benefits:

* Includes Android tablet with high resolution screen with hard case, stylus, universal charger, USB cable and satin finished scale pads with wireless modules built-in
* Free downloadable app to keep system updated
* Customizable main screen display to suit your preferences
* Easily converts to metric
* Alternate background skins: Standard (red), Industrial (black), High-Contrast (white) easier to read in bright sunlight
* Side-by-Side note taking/named memory—keep a record of changes made and the results (notes are tied to the memory location to allow you to add, edit or delete notes as needed for virtually unlimited space)
* Save to file (allows user to save all stored weights and notes with the tap of a button; easily email or connect to a PC for download)
Adjustable: Yes
Scale Pad Material: Aluminum
Length (in.): 15.000 in.
Width (in.): 15.000 in.
Height (in.): 2.521 in.
Quantity: Sold as a kit.
Kit features a 10 in. wireless tablet XLI, tablet hard case, stylus, universal charger, USB cable, and 4 pads.
Option 2 Basic

Longacre Computerscales basic model AccuSet II digital scales give you an accurate race car set-up, as easy as pushing a button! Two buttons provide everything you need--push one button for all four wheel weights and push a second button for all partial percentages. Available in a choice of wireless or cabled models, these basic Computerscales AccuSet II models all feature baseline memory recall that is handy and super easy to use--saves time writing it down. Plus, they are tested and calibrated to standards of NIST certification.

Longacre AccuSet II wireless models offer:

* Latest DSSS wireless protocol for the ultimate in security and reliability
* Power consumption so low the batteries only need to be changed once a season--or less
* No cables to work around. No antennas to knock off. No external modules dangling off the side
* Transmitters completely enclosed inside the pads for protection
* Wireless control box in silver case


Scale TypePad mount

Capacity Per Scale (lbs.)1,500 lbs.

Scale MaterialAluminum

Scale FinishNatural

Scale Length (in.)15.000 in.

Scale Width (in.)15.000 in.

Scale Height (in.)2.5 in.

LCD ReadoutYes

Backlit: No

Memory Storage: Yes

Printer Output Port: No

Computer Port: No

Power SupplySix AA batteries

Charger IncludedNo

Case IncludedYes


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