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Mercedes-Benz Diesel Complete Fuel System Maintenance Kit. This kit includes everything you need to get your Mercedes fuel system back into peak operating condition. Common signs of fuel system issues are loss of power, hard starting, and rough idle. With this kit you will increase the power and fuel economy back to original specifications. Free US Shipping!

Fits the following Mercedes-Benz W123 & W126 Diesel Cars: 240D, 300CD, 300D, 300SD, 300TD and 300GD. OM616 and OM617 Engines.

What you can do with this kit:

  1. Diesel Purge(Cleans injectors & Fuel System)
  2. Replace and/or clean the Fuel Tank Strainer
  3. Replace Fuel Outlet Hose
  4. Remove the Fuel Sending Unit
  5. Replace Primary & Secondary Fuel Filters
  6. Remove the Fuel Injector Hardlines
  7. Adjust the Timing of the Injection Pump
  8. Replace the Plastic Fuel Hardline Tubes & Crush Washers

What this kit includes:

  • (2) 16oz Liqui-Moly Diesel Purge
  • (1) 16oz Hot Shots Everyday Diesel Treatment EDT
  • (2) 3ft Rubber Fuel Lines for Diesel Purge
  • (1) Gallon Bottle for Diesel Purge
  • (1) Fuel Tank Strainer(OEM)
  • (1) Fuel Tank Strainer Tool(Custom Built Low Profile 46mm)
  • (1) 15mm Craftsman Combination Wrench 
  • (1) OEM Fuel Outlet Hose and (1) O-Ring
  • (1) VP Fuels 3 Gallon Fuel Storage Container
  • (1) Long Nose Vice Grip Pliers
  • (1) 20oz Can Aerosol Brake Cleaner
  • (1) Long Funnel 2 Piece Threaded 
  • (1) Primary & (1) Secondary Fuel Filter(Bosch)
  • (1) Fuel Injection Hardline Removal Wrench
  • (1) Fuel Injection Pump Timing Drip Tube
  • (1) 3' Translucent - Polyamide Hard Plastic Tubing - Cohline Made in Germany
  • (4) 007603 012111 (1) 007603 014405 - Copper Crush Washer

Instructions for the Fuel Tank Strainer Removal:

Instructions for the Valve Adjustment:

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