Mercedes W123 Magnetic Drain Plug
MB OM616 Drain Plug
OM617 Drain Plug

Mercedes-Benz OM616 OM617 Engine Oil Pan Magnetic Drain Plug

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  • 13MM Magnetic Drain Plug with Copper Washer

Fits: 1974 to 1985 Diesels in W115, W123, W116 and W126. Mercedes-Benz 240D, 300D, 300CD, 300SD, 300TD. Mercedes OM616 and OM617 Engines.

Extend your Engine life with a Magnetic Oil Drain Plug. Magnets attract and hold ferrous metal particles that are floating around in your engine. So at fluid/oil change time you can inspect the plug for ferrous metals in your oil. Having ferrous metal on the magnet can be an indicator of an impending problem of cams, rings, rods or shafts that may need servicing. In most cases an oil analysis can tell you what type of metal and what it is from. 


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