Mercedes-Benz OM617 Intake Manifold Adapter

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Are you adding a HE221 or Holset T25 frame turbo to your om617?  Modifying the intake manifold to accommodate a 2.5" intercooler inlet can be a pain in the ass for most folks.  We heard your cries and did something about it!

BenzForce has developed a manifold adapter that will slip inside the intake and, when tightened down, expand a specially designed ring inside the assembly to create an incredibly tight grip.  This adapter can be removed as well!  To ensure no boost is lost, not only have we incorporated an o-ring like the original coupler, but we also added a secondary seal inside the assembly to prevent the boost from escaping through the threads.

This adapter works in conjunction with our T3 to T25 adapter which drops the turbo slightly.

Installation is simple:

  1. Remove stock turbo and coupler
  2. Clean the inside of the manifold where the adapter will touch to make sure the two aluminum surfaces can grip
  3. Loosen the threads on the BenzForce manifold adapter to ensure the expansion ring is in its relaxed state
  4. Put a little oil on the small o-ring by the threads to prevent stuffing during the installation process
  5. Slide the adapter into the intake manifold
  6. Use a wrench or screwdriver and insert it into the grooves of the innermost part.  This part should stay stationary during the tightening process to prevent wear on the o-ring.  During the next step be careful not to slip to avoid injury as the edges by the two wrench notches can be sharp.
  7. Use the BenzForce wrench to turn the outermost nut until it is tight.