Mercedes-Benz W123 & W126 Coil Spring Suspension Lowering Kit w/ Bilstein HD Shock Absorbers
Mercedes-Benz W123 & W126 Coil Spring Suspension Lowering Kit w/ Bilstein HD Shock Absorbers
Mercedes-Benz W123 & W126 Coil Spring Suspension Lowering Kit w/ Bilstein HD Shock Absorbers
Mercedes-Benz W123 & W126 Coil Spring Suspension Lowering Kit w/ Bilstein HD Shock Absorbers

Mercedes-Benz W123 & W126 Coil Spring Suspension Lowering Kit w/ Bilstein HD Shock Absorbers

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  • 4 New Bilstein Coil Springs OEM Height or cut to your specs.
  • 4 Bilstein HD Shock Absorbers 
  • 4 Coil Spring Pads 

Front Cuts/Rear Cuts

  • .5/.5 Very slight almost no change. Keeps OEM Rake
  • 1.0/1.0 Slightly Lower. Keeps OEM Rake
  • 1.0/1.5 Sightly lowered Rear. No tire issues
  • 1.5/1.5 Noticeable lowering with no tire issues. Keeps OEM rake.
  • 1.5/1.75 Car becomes Level
  • 2.0/2.0 Some tire issues that can be corrected with tire/wheel/fender rolling. Keeps OEM rake.
  • 2.0/1.5 Some tire issue that can be corrected with tire size/wheelsize/fender rolling. Increased rake
  • 2.0/2.25 Some tire issue that can be corrected with tire/wheel/fender rolling. Car is now level, no rake. 
  • More cutting and you will run into further issues and be pushing the limits. It can be done but done so at your own risk. Message me for any custom Cuts or Builds. 

Mercedes-Benz 230 Base Sedan 2.3L L4 — Chassis 123.023
1977Mercedes-Benz230BaseSedan2.3L L4
1978Mercedes-Benz230BaseSedan2.3L L4
Mercedes-Benz 240D Base Sedan 2.4L L4 — Chassis 123.123
1977Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1978Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1979Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1980Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1981Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1982Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
1983Mercedes-Benz240DBaseSedan2.4L L4
Mercedes-Benz 280CE Base Coupe 2.8L L6 — Chassis 123.053
1978Mercedes-Benz280CEBaseCoupe2.8L L6
1979Mercedes-Benz280CEBaseCoupe2.8L L6
1980Mercedes-Benz280CEBaseCoupe2.8L L6
1981Mercedes-Benz280CEBaseCoupe2.8L L6
Mercedes-Benz 280E Base Sedan 2.8L L6 — Chassis 123.033
1977Mercedes-Benz280EBaseSedan2.8L L6
1978Mercedes-Benz280EBaseSedan2.8L L6
1979Mercedes-Benz280EBaseSedan2.8L L6
1980Mercedes-Benz280EBaseSedan2.8L L6
1981Mercedes-Benz280EBaseSedan2.8L L6
Mercedes-Benz 300TD Base Wagon 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.193
1981Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1982Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1983Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1984Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1985Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 560SEC Base Coupe 5.6L V8 — Chassis 126.045
1986Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
1987Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
1988Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
1989Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
1990Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
1991Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
Mercedes-Benz 300SD Base Sedan 3.0L L5 — Chassis 126.120
1981Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1982Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1983Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1984Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
1985Mercedes-Benz300SDBaseSedan3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300SDL Base Sedan 3.0L L6 — Chassis 126.125
1986Mercedes-Benz300SDLBaseSedan3.0L L6
1987Mercedes-Benz300SDLBaseSedan3.0L L6
Mercedes-Benz 300SE Base Sedan 3.0L L6 — Chassis 126.024
1988Mercedes-Benz300SEBaseSedan3.0L L6
1989Mercedes-Benz300SEBaseSedan3.0L L6
1990Mercedes-Benz300SEBaseSedan3.0L L6
1991Mercedes-Benz300SEBaseSedan3.0L L6
Mercedes-Benz 300SEL Base Sedan 3.0L L6 — Chassis 126.025
1988Mercedes-Benz300SELBaseSedan3.0L L6
1989Mercedes-Benz300SELBaseSedan3.0L L6
1990Mercedes-Benz300SELBaseSedan3.0L L6
1991Mercedes-Benz300SELBaseSedan3.0L L6
Mercedes-Benz 350SD Base Sedan 3.4L L6 — Chassis 126.134
1991Mercedes-Benz350SDBaseSedan3.4L L6
Mercedes-Benz 350SDL Base Sedan 3.4L L6 — Chassis 126.135
1990Mercedes-Benz350SDLBaseSedan3.4L L6
1991Mercedes-Benz350SDLBaseSedan3.4L L6
Mercedes-Benz 380SE Base Sedan 3.8L V8 — Chassis 126.032
1984Mercedes-Benz380SEBaseSedan3.8L V8
1985Mercedes-Benz380SEBaseSedan3.8L V8
Mercedes-Benz 380SEC Base Coupe 3.8L V8 — Chassis 126.043
1982Mercedes-Benz380SECBaseCoupe3.8L V8
1983Mercedes-Benz380SECBaseCoupe3.8L V8
Mercedes-Benz 380SEL Base Sedan 3.8L V8 — Chassis 126.033
1981Mercedes-Benz380SELBaseSedan3.8L V8
1982Mercedes-Benz380SELBaseSedan3.8L V8
1983Mercedes-Benz380SELBaseSedan3.8L V8
Mercedes-Benz 420SEL Base Sedan 4.2L V8 — Chassis 126.035
1986Mercedes-Benz420SELBaseSedan4.2L V8
1987Mercedes-Benz420SELBaseSedan4.2L V8
1988Mercedes-Benz420SELBaseSedan4.2L V8
1989Mercedes-Benz420SELBaseSedan4.2L V8
1990Mercedes-Benz420SELBaseSedan4.2L V8
1991Mercedes-Benz420SELBaseSedan4.2L V8
Mercedes-Benz 500SEC Base Coupe 5.0L V8 — Chassis 126.044
1984Mercedes-Benz500SECBaseCoupe5.0L V8
1985Mercedes-Benz500SECBaseCoupe5.0L V8
Mercedes-Benz 500SEL Base Sedan 5.0L V8 — Chassis 126.037
1984Mercedes-Benz500SELBaseSedan5.0L V8
1985Mercedes-Benz500SELBaseSedan5.0L V8

Associated Part Numbers: 123 324 06 04, 123-324-06-04, 123-324-06-04-M1412, 123.324.06.04, 1233240604, 36 227235, 36-227235, 36.227235, 36227235, 4025258724719, 651860725413

Associated Part Numbers: 116 324 11 04, 116-324-11-04, 116-324-11-04-M1412, 116.324.11.04, 1163241104, 36 226061, 36-226061, 36.226061, 36226061, 4025258719326

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