OEM Automotive Tools Plasma Cutters

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Input Amps:
40.0 amps
Input Voltage:
110/220 V
Maximum Cutting Thickness:
0.472 in.
Hand Torch Included:
Sold as a kit.
OEM Automotive Tools Plasma Cutters

OEM Automotive Tools plasma cutters make cutting mild steel, copper, brass, stainless, and aluminum quick, precise, and clean. These tools allow you to make intricate cuts with ease and without worrying about running out of cutting gases since it uses compressed air. These portable units are compatible with standard 110 V AC power as well as 220 V, making them perfect for shop duty or the home hobbyist.

Features include:

* Dual voltage compatible
* Cutting capacity up to 8mm at 110 V and 12mm at 220 V
* Compact and portable
* Includes torch, ground cable, 110 V adapter cord, wire brush, and hand-held mask