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OTC Testvac Vacuum Test Kits

OTC Testvac Vacuum Test Kits

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OTC Tools 6978 - OTC Testvac Vacuum Test Kits

Brake Bleeder Pressure Gauge Included:
Brake Bleeder Adapters Included:
Brake Bleeder Hose Included:
Brake Bleeder Reservoir Included:
Brake Bleeder Wrenches Included:
Sold as a kit.
OTC Testvac Vacuum Test Kits

OTC Testvac vacuum test kits enable fast, efficient testing and monitoring of many vacuum-operated components—and also allow for one-man brake bleeding. The kits can help locate vacuum leaks; and also test fuel, engine and exhaust valves, door locks, and heating/cooling system performance.

Testvac kits include:

* Vacuum pump with integrated vacuum gauge
* Fluid container with transfer cap
* 2 lengths of vacuum hose
* 12 assorted vacuum hose fittings
* 3 brake bleed fittings
* Instruction manual
* Blow-molded storage case

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