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Spark Plug Wire, Cap, Rotor, Plug Sets - 1st Gen Toyota 4Runner/Pickup

Spark Plug Wire, Cap, Rotor, Plug Sets - 1st Gen Toyota 4Runner/Pickup

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Optional Spark Plugs, Cap, & Rotor Set Available 
  • Bosch Cap & Rotor
  • Plug Options: Bosch, Denso, & NGK
Taylor Spiro-Pro spark plug wire sets are the finest high performance street and race wires available today. They offer maximum firepower without radio interference, provide up to 10 times less resistance than standard resistor core wire—and are a must for electronic ignitions, on-board computers, stereos, and pit radios. Other features include: a 100 percent silicone inner and outer jacket that provides heat protection up to 600 degrees F; low-profile silicone boots with grips; and double spring locking spark plug terminals for a secure connection.
  • Assembled: Yes
  • Distributor Terminal Ends: Female/Socket
  • Distributor Boot Color: Black
  • Distributor Boot Material: Silicone
  • Spark Plug Boot Ends: Four 180 degree straight
  • Spark Plug Boot Color: Blue or Black
  • Spark Plug Boot Material: Silicone
  • Wire Color: Blue or Black
  • Diameter (mm) :8.00mm
  • RFI Suppression: Yes
  • Coil Wire Included: Yes
  • Conductor Style: Spiral core
  • Spark Plug Wire Resistance: 350 ohms/ft.
  • Quantity: Sold as a set.
  • Notes: Includes a 24 in. coil wire


NGK Spark Plug Wire Set:

  • Assembled:Yes
  • Distributor Terminal Ends:Stock
  • Distributor Boot Color:Black
  • Distributor Boot Material:Silicone
  • Spark Plug Boot Ends:Stock
  • Spark Plug Boot Color:Black
  • Spark Plug Boot Material:Silicone
  • Wire Color:Blue
  • Diameter (mm):7.00mm
  • RFI Suppression:Yes
  • Coil Wire Included:Yes
  • Conductor Style:Spiral core
  • Quantity:Sold as a set.


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