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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 80 Series All Metal Radiators

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 80 Series All Metal Radiators

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CSF is the only manufacturer left that still produces all-metal radiators for a wide variety of vehicles. CSF all-metal radiators are available in multiple styles: OEM-style copper-brass, aluminum, and all-aluminum construction. Heavy-duty versions are also available.

CSF all-metal radiators are designed to provide additional cooling, rugged durability, and repairability. They are an upgrade from OE and are in high demand for vehicles that need durability and additional cooling for heavy in-city driving, off-roading, towing, or snow plowing. Only CSF provides the exact fit and finish as OE while delivering all-metal radiators.

Additional features of all-metal CSF radiators include:

* OE coolant compliant to avoid chemical reactions and catastrophic failure
* Superior engineering and construction for rugged, heavy-duty use
* Thru Pipe Design on-hose connections to prevent premature failures
* Ribbed tanks for added strength and durability
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