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The main purpose of an engine block heater is to make it easier to start the engine, but preheating the engine oil, antifreeze, and internal engine components also reduces wear and tear, reduces emissions, and makes for a more comfortable environment inside the vehicle by allowing the heater to blow hot sooner.

OEM Block Heater Plug:

  • Mercedes-Benz Part # 6062000096 
  • Your car may have been equipped with a block heater plug from factory. You may just need to purchase a cord.

Replacement Cord:

  • 6ft
  • 120v

Engine or Transmission Magnetic Heater Block: 

  • Multi-use utility heater with built-in thermostat that maintains optimum temperature on any metallic surface
  • 200 watts, 120 Volts AC; built-in thermostat maintains optimum temperature - will not exceed 250˚F (121˚c)
  • Ideal heater for large or small (non-aluminum) engine blocks

Silicone Battery Heating Pad:

  • 60 Watt
  • 8.5"x5.5"

Fitment: OM601, 602, 603, 606, 190D, E300D, 300SDL & More

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