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Stainless Steel Fender Trim Kits

*Please expect up to 4 weeks for delivery. Thanks for your understanding*

Turn your plain old fenders into show-stoppers with these stainless steel fender trim kits. They're constructed from pure-grade stainless steel and are polished to a mirror finish.

Additional features include:

* End-to-end rubber seal guard
* Custom-made to fit your W123
* Predrilled holes for easy installation
* 5-year warranty against rust, corrosion, and defects of the fender trim kits

Fender trim installs quickly and easily requiring only minor drilling on the inside lip of fender. Some applications are partial no drill with installed bend tabs and double sided tape already attached for easy installation for vehicles with no inside fender lip. Please look in parcel for detailed instructions. *If you live in a rust prone area i would caution against using these. They can trap moisture and create rust.*

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