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Mercedes-Benz SLS Hydraulic Pump Delete Kit/Plate W116, W123, W126, W201

Mercedes-Benz SLS Hydraulic Pump Delete Kit/Plate W116, W123, W126, W201

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This plate was designed for Mercedes-Benz Cars with with a hydraulic pump suspension system. This will eliminate the self leveling system. Works great for freeing up room on an engine swap.

  • Anodized Black Aluminium SLS Block Off Delete Plate 
  • Stainless Steel Hardware 
  • Gasket 
  • 0.5oz Ultra Black RTV Silicone(When Option is Selected)

Fits the following Models:
Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 Sedan 2.3L L4 — Chassis 201.034
1986Mercedes-Benz190E2.3-16Sedan2.3L L4
1987Mercedes-Benz190E2.3-16Sedan2.3L L4
Mercedes-Benz 300TD Base Wagon 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.190
1979Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1980Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 300TD Base Wagon 3.0L L5 — Chassis 123.193
1981Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1982Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1983Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1984Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
1985Mercedes-Benz300TDBaseWagon3.0L L5
Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 Sedan 6.8L V8 — Chassis 116.036
1978Mercedes-Benz450SEL6.9Sedan6.8L V8
1979Mercedes-Benz450SEL6.9Sedan6.8L V8
Mercedes-Benz 560SEC Base Coupe 5.6L V8 — Chassis 126.045
1986Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
1987Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
1988Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
1989Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
1990Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
1991Mercedes-Benz560SECBaseCoupe5.6L V8
Mercedes-Benz 560SEL Base Sedan 5.6L V8 — Chassis 126.039
1986Mercedes-Benz560SELBaseSedan5.6L V8
1987Mercedes-Benz560SELBaseSedan5.6L V8
1988Mercedes-Benz560SELBaseSedan5.6L V8
1989Mercedes-Benz560SELBaseSedan5.6L V8
1990Mercedes-Benz560SELBaseSedan5.6L V8
1991Mercedes-Benz560SELBaseSedan5.6L V8
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