Mercedes Benz W123 Fuel Injector Hardline Wrench
OM616 OM617 Fuel Inectors
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Mercedes-Benz Diesel OM 615 616 617 Fuel Injector Hardline Wrench/Tool

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This 17mm wrench was designed to allow maximum range of motion when removing the injector hardlines. It has been shaved down and bent to easily access and remove them. 

  • 17mm Ratcheting Wrench Bent and Shaved
  • Designed for ease of access when removing Fuel Injector Hardlines

Mercedes-Benz W123, W126

Fits: OM615, OM616, OM617, 200D, 220D, 240D, 300D, 300CD, 300TD, 300GD, 300SD and many more.


Fuel injector hardline wrench