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Mercedes-Benz 240D & 300D Radiator Upgrade Kit w/ Expansion Tank W123

Mercedes-Benz 240D & 300D Radiator Upgrade Kit w/ Expansion Tank W123

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This kit is designed for those 240D's and 300Ds that did not come with a factory expansion tank. This upgrade is useful when driving in extreme conditions. The cooling system on these cars work great in all climates up until hills, loaded down or driving aggressively for long periods of time. This kit increases the coolant capacity and decreases temperature. This kit is the same setup used in the OM617 Turbo 5CYL Engines. Includes everything you need to upgrade your cooling system. 

  • Includes 1 OEM Equivalent Radiator 
  • Radiator Mount Kit (4) Spring Brackets, and (2) Rubber Pads
  • Expansion Tank w/ Overflow Hose & Cap 
  • Overflow Tank Mounting Brackets( Bolt on. Requires Drilling)
  • Coolant Breather Pipe(Expansion to Radiator) w/ 2 Clamps
  • 2 Gallons G05 Coolant/Antifreeze
  • Small Jar of Citrus Cleaner(Use Before Installing New Radiator to flush and clean the cooling system)
  • Fits Mercedes-Benz 240D & 300D with N/A Engines. OM616/OM617

I recommended also replacing the Radiator Hoses and the Thermostat. That kit can be found here and is available if you select the option below "Radiator Kit w/ Hoses and Thermostat" Pics and Info about the Hoses and Thermostat Kit:


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